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Britta Johnston at Mountain Vista Farm

Mission Statement

Training, Instruction, Sales, Shipping, Handling, and Equine Importing are the key services undertaken by Britta Johnston International Sport Horses, LLC (BJISH). Mrs. Britta Johnston, the Principal of BJISH, makes it her mission to offer the highest level of expertise in all of the above listed services.

Central to the mission is Britta’s desire to give clients tangible results. Britta seeks to earn the trust of her clients through a strategically laid out program of instruction and training. The objectives and time frame are regularly reviewed between Britta and the client. In circumstances where no further improvements can be achieved, Britta believes a direct and honest evaluation is essential to avoid the waste of time and financial resources. As much as possible, Britta seeks to provide an environment for her clientele that offers education, safety, and peace of mind to both human and horse in a field which by definition has infinite risk.

In conjunction with her own services, BJISH has developed numerous business partners over the last thirty years who help to maintain a consistent level of quality in all the areas of expertise that affect the business; as in the following examples -but not limited to- Farriers, Veterinarians, Shippers, and Equine Sales Barns both in the U.S. and Europe. Occasionally new business relationships need to be cultivated and mature relationships need to be curtailed. This review process is necessary for quality control. Mediocrity is not an ingredient for success. True professionals seek each other out and will not compromise on anything other than excellence.

Mountain Vista Farm, home of Britta Johnston International Sporthorses,
is an elite dressage facility located in the heart of Rappahannock County.
Come visit us to experience fine horses, fine wine,
and all that this beautiful Virginia country has to offer.